Local History

With the support of the federal government’s Canada Summer Job program, the Legion Br 375 employs a select few cadets to support our initiatives. One of their tasks is to work with the Branch Historian to identify and honour local soldiers. As of August 2022, we have identified nearly 2000. These heroes were our neighbours and walked paths that we now frequent. To commemorate the 80th anniversary of Dieppe, we mapped where the eight local lads Killed in Action and one captured lived. We will be expanding this map to include all veterans and those who did not return home.

York Rangers 127th Battalion

During the First World War, a local Battalion was formed in York County under the auspices of the 12th Regiment, York Rangers.  At its formation, it was given the official designation as the 127th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF).  Upon its arrival in the UK in late August 1916 instead of being broken up and disbursed to other units (as was the norm for the period), the Battalion became the 2nd Battalion Canadian Railway Troops.  This book was written by Lt.-Col. H.M. Jackson, M.B.E., E.D. in 1922 and is the history of the battalion from its inception to its disbanding in early 1919.

The 127th Battalion C.E.F. Table of Contents
The 127th Battalion C.E.F. Chapters 1-5 
The 127th Battalion C.E.F. Chapters 6-10 
The 127th Battalion C.E.F. Chapters 11-15 
The 127th Battalion C.E.F. Appendix A-G 

Branch History

First Branch President: Jack Sanders


2012 Sports Award




Pat McNamara, Mayor David Barrow, Bill Richardson




Remembrance Day Parade, 2010

60th Anniversary, 2003

Top half of the 60th Anniversary Poster
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60th Anniversary of Branch 375 Poster

2001 Juno Beach Fundraiser

Paul Ducharme, Ben Bourget, District Command, Art Fortin, Bill Aird, Denver Dyer
Denver Dyer, Angus MacDonald, Bill Renwick, Jan De Vries, Wal-Mart Manager, Ivan Hillaby, Ron Norton
Bill Renwick, Wal-Mart Manager, Paul Ducharme
Bill Renwick, Ben Bourget, District Command, Art Fortin













1998 Colour Guard

Ross Henry & Steve MacDonald
Peter Luchowski-Adams, Ross Henry, Steve MacDonald
Bev Ducharme & Steve MacDonald (Mother and Son)












Evolution of the Legion, 1998

Previous Location 375 – Ohio Road


Bring on the Trophies, Victoria Day 1970







Richmond Hill Cenotaph Circa 1960

Richmond Hill Cenotaph