Building Improvements

Recent updates September, 2022

Thanks to the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) and an $86,500 grant we have a number of building improvements.  We have three new HVAC Units, and all three units are located on the Roof.  Our two main washrooms are fully Accessible and safety/security alarm systems have been installed.  Vanities in both washrooms lowered and modified to be more Accessibly friendly.  All doorways throughout the building are upgraded to the new standards for Accessibility.  In the case of the Lounge to Games Room doorway it involved installation of a Sliding Door.  Doorways to the Accessible washrooms and our main Accessible entrances have all had new push button activation systems installed.  The bar/canteen now has a spot for ease of access for someone in a wheelchair.

Thanks Ontario Trillium Foundation
Three new HVAC Units
Safety alarm system
Improved accessibility
Doorway widened, Club Room to Lounge
More widened doorways
One of four doors with new push button activation
Motion sensor security lights in alley